Rittel Tanning Supplies (508) 822-3821 United States.

Business name: Rittel Tanning Supplies
Country: United States
Contact name: Bruce Rittel
Address: 51 Summer St. MA 02780
Web Address: https://rittelsupplies.net
Business category: Leather Chemicals
Email Address: rittel@ici.net
Phone number: (508) 822-3821
Fax number: (508) 828-3921
Business description: RITTELS serves the Fur, Taxidermy and Leather industries. Our inventory includes Tanning Kits for the beginner, Chemicals, Tanning Agents, Tools, Books, Videos and new and used Equipment. We offer worldwide Consultant services and are also a Representative in the New England area for Sentry Custom Services. Their line includes a full line for tanning and finishing leathers. [PM-07/08/01]