The Leather Factory 1-817-496-4414 United States.

Business name: The Leather Factory
Country: United States
Contact name: Jon Thompson
Address: N/A N/A N/A
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Business category: Accessories for Leather
Email Address:
Phone number: 1-817-496-4414
Fax number: 1-817-496-9806
Business description: For all your leather and leathercraft supply needs. Order online and save. We stock leather craft kits, saddlery tools, buckles, conchos, tooling leather, carving, leather, shoe repair, saddle and tack, garment leather, suede, exotic leather, snakeskins, exotics, leather cement,
Scout crafts, SCA, Sass, GSA crafts, Ymca crafts, Indian princess, latigo, motorcycle leather, lining leather, bag clasps,
tack supplies, saddle skirting, sole bends, side leather, double shoulders, shoe findings, tooling kits, leathercraft videos,
leathercraft books, leather care products, boot repair, chap leather, leathercrafttools, swivel knives, suede lace, craft lace, leather lace, boot lace, lacing needles, Osborne, head knives, rotary punch, strap end punch, rawhide mallet, horse hair, swivel snaps, dees, rigging plates, rigging dees, Blevins buckles, roller buckles, belt strips, belt blanks, buckle sets, trophy buckles, rawhide, upholstery leather, oil tanned, rabbit pelts, python skins…..and much more.
Please visit our web site for a full list. Barge cement, Fiebing, Fiebings Chemical, Fiebings dye, wallet kits, purse kits, wallet insides, wallet inserts, dream catchers, bone beads, pony beads, beads, beaded strips, moccasins, vest kits, drum kits, feathers, thread, kidskin, doeskin, deerskin, scrap leather, embellishments, slotted conchos, spots, eyelets, soles, Vibram, rubber soles, leather soles, leather heels, rubber heels, chicago screws, mink oil, Kiwi, shoe polish, shoe brush