Pieles Exoticas Real (1)(915) 241-2646 United States.

Business name: Pieles Exoticas Real
Country: United States
Contact name: Jesus Gonzalez
Address: 213 Three Rivers TX 79912
Web Address:
Business category: Leather merchant
Email Address: jesus@jesusgonzalezteam.com
Phone number: (1)(915) 241-2646
Fax number: (1)(915) 581-3211
Business description: We are wholeselers of exotic skins in Mexico and south of USA, We are looking for suppliers of all kind of exotic skins on all conditions, Raw, Crust and Finish, same as all exotic skins Imitations, Please get in contact with us by @mail or Ph. so we can talk about prices, Quality and all our necesities on supply for Exotic skins, We also will be at the next Hong Kong Leather fair at the Mexican Pavillion, Area 1 aisle 40, we will be attending all potencial suppliers. (we are interested in going into deer raw hides market also)