Tannery AB 00 46 31 101640 Sweden.

Business name: Tannery AB
Country: Sweden
Contact name: Claes Ekman
Address: Loo 239 Sollebrunn 46695
Web Address: https://www.tannery.se
Business category: Leather tannery
Email Address: info@tannery.se
Phone number: 00 46 31 101640
Fax number: 00 46 31 7119910
Business description: Tannery AB are producers of moose and wild boar leather hides. As a genuine tannery with competent partners, we process and finish Scandinavian Elk/ Moose hides to the utmost quality leather for a variety of end-products.
From raw hide to wet blue to finished leather, our craftsmen need roughly six weeks of work, as well as honouring decades of dedicated workmanship and tradition.
When harvesting the forest of this animal, Europe’s largest, with care and common sense, any professional knows the species tend to propagate at an increased rate.
This unique, light, beautiful and extremely durable leather can be bought in a black, brown or grey colour. Other colours are available upon request. Please visit our web site or contact us directly for more information.