Ocean Leather by Jean-Charles (941) 262-9808 United States.

Business name: Ocean Leather by Jean-Charles
Country: United States
Contact name: Edith Y. Pendleton
Address: 4360 Gulf Shore Blvd. North, Suite 210, Naples Florida 34103
Web Address: https://www.oceanleather.com
Business category: Goods retail wholesale
Email Address: Oceanleather@aol.com
Phone number: (941) 262-9808
Fax number: (941) 263-9547
Business description: Unique concept boutique exclusively features marine exotic leather goods and accessories from around the world. In a museum like setting, this shop is one of a kind with environmentally sensitive by-products sourced from non-endangered breeds. All CITES approved fish skin leather merchandise can be found under one roof. This exciting brick and mortar shop found in the Southwest of Florida in the what is regarded as the most gracious city of the state, Naples, is supplemented by our website- www.oceanleather.com- (a brick and click combination!). We are constantly looking out and researching the supplier market and contacting sources.We also welcome offers from factories, manufacturers and other marine exotic leather suppliers or those in related industries. If you are interested in making your product lines part of our merchandise mix, we shall be happy to hear from you. [PM-27/08/01]