Lawrence Shearlings of America (1)- 800-433-3368 United States.

Business name: Lawrence Shearlings of America
Country: United States
Contact name: Mr. Robert Goodspeed
Address: 2655 N Ocean Drive, Singer Island FLORIDA 33404
Web Address:
Business category: Leather merchant
Email Address:
Phone number: (1)- 800-433-3368
Fax number: (1) 561 882 0209 [winter] (1) 603 436 7934[summer]
Business description: Representing the largest Shearling Tannery in China (with warehouse in Los Angeles). we can offer Doubleface and Jungle for Footwear and Garment, Snowtop, Mouton, Seatcover (and finished Seatcovers) ,Washmitts, Paintrollers (& Sleeves) Wax applicators with wooden blocks, Dusters, Washable medical skins, Kidcare skin, Rugs, Bomber, Napa, etc. contact us and we will Fedex you a booklet.