VHSP Pty. Ltd. +61 3 9369 2455 Australia.

Business name: VHSP Pty. Ltd.
Country: Australia
Contact name: Kylie Petronio
Address: 4 Raymond Road, Laverton North Victoria 3026
Web Address: https://www.vhsp.com.au
Business category: Leather Raw
Email Address: kylie@vhsp.com.au
Phone number: +61 3 9369 2455
Fax number: +61 3 9369 5585
Business description: VHSP are a world-class producer of the finest quality Victorian, Tasmanian and Feedlot origin cattle hides and calfskins. Available in various forms such as salted, trimmed & fleshed, wetblue, as well as our beautiful calf and cow skin rugs made with our new hair-on crust process.