South Cape Ostrich Tanning +27 44 606 4500 South Africa.

Business name: South Cape Ostrich Tanning
Country: South Africa
Contact name: GF Kriek
Address: PO Box 2629 Mossel Bay 6500
Web Address:
Business category: Leather tannery
Email Address:
Phone number: +27 44 606 4500
Fax number: +27 44 697 7105
Business description: SCOT is located on the outskirts of the coastal town Mossel Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa and is part of the Mosstrich Group which was established in 1996. In 2000 SCOT was established to process the raw ostrich skins produced by the Mosstrich Abattoir. SCOT produces a wide variety of basic fashion colours with several finishes of which Full Analine finish (also known as Saddle Finish) represents more than 80% of production. The company is constantly seeking new opportunities for the use of ostrich leather.