NC-SHL 86 20 86516303/ 86516311 China.

Business name: NC-SHL
Country: China
Contact name: Harrison Wu
Address: Unit 601-605,6/F., Office Building A, HongYun Tower, 37 Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou,China 510010
Web Address:
Business category: Leather Footwear Mfc
Email Address:
Phone number: 86 20 86516303/ 86516311
Fax number: 86 20 86525185
Business description: We are a professional company specializing in the leather and footwear business with successful operations in China, Australia and New Zealand. Not only offer high quality shoes, import and export leathers but also offer excellent
service. We are working hard to expand our activities.

You will find that our background of trade among China, Australia and New Zealand will be advantageous to you.

We enjoy building friendship with more and more people in the business.