Michell Leather +61-8-8209-4400 Australia.

Business name: Michell Leather Australia
Country: Australia
Contact name: Ross Barker
Address: 1506 Main North Road, Adelaide, South Australia 5106, Australia
Web Address: https://www.michell.com.au
Business category: Leather Raw
Email Address: leather@michell.com.au
Phone number: +61-8-8209-4400
Fax number: +61-8-8209-4130
Business description: Australia’s largest processsor and exporter of hides, skins and leather, specialising in Wet blue bovine hides, both full substance and split material and Wetsalted Ox/Cow/Bull Hides. Also produce: Calfskins, Kangaroo skins, Goatskin, Wet White leather. For more than one hundred years Michell has been producing quality leathers, and today has plants in both Australia and Ireland. Part of the GH Michell Group of companies. [PM-08/01/02]