IBERSTRUZ, SL. – (Raw Deer, Rabbit & Ostrich resources) Tel: +34-91-660 86 99 Fax: +34-91-660 80 95 Spain.

Business name: IBERSTRUZ, SL. – Raw Deer, Rabbit & Ostrich supply
Country: Spain
Contact name: Alan Stables
Address: C/Herreros 2-P Pol. Ind. Miralrio 28891 Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid) Spain
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Business category: Exotic leathers
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Phone number: +34-91-660 86 99
Fax number: +34-91-660 80 95
Business description: Established supplier of raw Deer, Rabbits & Ostrich
leg skins from Spain. Supplying SALTED WHITE RABBIT SKINS and SALTED DEER SKINS (cervus
elaphus), Skin Weight: 5 to 12 kgs, frozen, origin EU, 2000 pcs per 40 ft
container. We also supply raw OSTRICH LEG
SKINS. Please contact us directly for more information. Prompt reply guaranteed.