G L Bowron & Co Ltd 64 3 384-2609 New Zealand.

Business name: G L Bowron & Co Ltd
Country: New Zealand
Contact name: Tony Strang
Address: P O Box 19 544 Christchurch 8002
Web Address: https://www.bowron.com
Business category: Leather tannery
Email Address: sales@bowron.com
Phone number: 64 3 384-2609
Fax number: 64 3 384 4605
Business description: G L Bowron & Co Ltd is a New Zealand based company producing a range of wool on leather skins.
The Bowron range consist of the following:
Longwool Natural Rugs, Longwool Decorator Rugs, Cushions, Babycare Rugs, Dusters, Lambskin for car seat covers, Medical rugs, Bed Underlays and Lambskin’s for garment & footwear manufacture.