Ferdco Corp. 208-689-3006 United States.

Business name: Ferdco Corp.
Country: United States
Contact name: Ron JeanBlanc
Address: po box 261 Harrison, Idaho 83833
Web Address: https://www.ferdco@earthlink.net
Business category: Leather Machinery
Email Address: ferdco@earthlink.net
Phone number: 208-689-3006
Fax number: 208-689-3008
Business description: We are an industrial sewing machine company that sell all types of new and used leather equipment. Our owner is Ferdinand Jean Blanc and has been in the industry for over 37 years.

Some of the machines Ferdinand has designed for the leather industry are the Adler 105 Bull, Chandler 305 Bull, the Adler 205 Bull,the Ferdinand 900-B, the Juki Pro 2000, and our newest machine the Ferdco Pro 2000 Super Bull.

Beside the Ferdco Pro line of machines we sell, we also deal in any of the machines related to the leather industry. If you have any questions about any machine, call me @ 1-800-645-0197.