EMAG +41 62 212 20 32 Switzerland.

Business name: EMAG
Country: Switzerland
Contact name: Christoph Zehnder
Address: Postfach Wangen 4612
Web Address: https://www.emag.ch
Business category: Leather Raw
Email Address: emag@emag.ch
Phone number: +41 62 212 20 32
Fax number: +41 62 212 20 08
Business description: Supplying hides and skins to the leather industry worldwide for more than 75 years. Affiliated companies in our main origins which are New Zealand, East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia), Brazil and Europe.
Our products are dry, wetsalted, pickled, wetblue and crust bovine hides, lamb, sheep, goat and deer skins.