CYP HISPANIA, S.L. 00.34.976.30.02.79/609.34.65.24 Spain.

Business name: CYP HISPANIA, S.L.
Country: Spain
Contact name: Carlos Melús
Address: Coso 100, 3º,4ª Zaragoza 50001
Web Address:
Business category: Leather Machinery
Email Address:
Phone number: 00.34.976.30.02.79/609.34.65.24
Fax number: 00.34.976.30.02.78/00.34.976.23.61.72
Business description: We are buying and selling second-hand tannery machinery.We have every kind of machinery for every kind of leather and processes.

Our machines have been checked and reconditioned before the delivery, and they are ready for work.

Furthermore, we have auxiliary chemical products for the tannery industry and we can offer tanned and finished ostrich skins spanish origin.