Bright & Billion Intertrade Co., Ltd. 66-9-8154485, 66-2-3911457 Thailand.

Business name: Bright & Billion Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Country: Thailand
Contact name: Nitaya Prachanban
Address: Bangkok 10250
Web Address:
Business category: Leather merchant
Email Address:
Phone number: 66-9-8154485, 66-2-3911457
Fax number: 66-2-3911457
Business description: Bright & Billion Intertrade Co., Ltd. are exporters/wholesalers of stingray fish skin, salmon fish skin and other leather products since 1987, in fact they are the first to bring stingray products to the world market. We offer our clients both, tanned skins in pieces and/or as finished products such as wallets purse and other decorated items designs with accessories under customer’s logo. We are also closely associated with the tanning factory in order to service our clients efficiently, and also work as their Professional Associate Partner and Negotiator. Under our direct supervision, we are confident that with our experiences in leather products since 1987 would be beneficial to the customers who would like to have a reliable source supply. Furthermore we also can be of your services for any souvenir items that you may require from Thailand.

Moreover, with our experiences in trading businesses for many years, we are also able to work as buying agent for importers/wholesalers who would like us to work as their reliable strategic partners on the ground of export/import businesses relating to products available in Thailand.

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Bright & Billion Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Nitaya Prachanban
Managing Director