Antony´s Trade Agency +358400707937 Finland.

Business name: Antony´s Trade Agency
Country: Finland
Contact name: Mario Antonesi
Address: Palkkatilankatu 9A 12 Helsinki 00240
Web Address:
Business category: Leather goods Mfc
Email Address:
Phone number: +358400707937
Fax number: +358956139920
Business description: Antony´s Trade Agency is a company located in Helsinki, Finland specializing in unique leather products and business promotion gifts. Together with Kohomyynti Oy, we´ve developed a process which makes it possible to decorate real leather products with amazingly detailed embossed pictures. This process is completely industrial and hence fast and affordable. It enables us to create embossed pictures of even the most demanding of subjects such as the human face and to achieve a resemblance to the actual individual. We can produce, for example, different company´s logotype on any kind leather products in three-dimensional, which is unic in the world by this time.Each item is one of its kind and guaranted to be only of the best quality. Interested companies are welcome to contact us, to negotiate about possible co-operation.